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TruBead® Soffit Coating


TruBead® Classic Soffits


Better ventilation. Uncompromising appearance.


Fresh air ... Fresh look!


TruBead® soffits offer timeless beauty and the highest rating of ventilation.


Pure genius.


The patented Jet 45 ventilation of TruBead® soffits provides the ventilation you need. The seal that your home deserves.


Breathe easily.


TruBead® soffits give your home and family the air they need.


Architecturally pure.


The unrivaled design of TruBead® soffits is available in two timeless and historically accurate profiles.


Intelligent design.

Simply great in design


In designing TruBead® soffits, we have reduced the complexity, from the most complicated to the simplest, the development of the art of concealed ventilation. The art of concealed ventilation.

Knowing how to balance what you do not see, in high ventilation continues, with what you see, timeless profiles, historically accurate. This is design!


The pursuit of perfection


In our quest for perfection no design detail has been left to chance, because without quality worries, there can be no quality.


Maximum lifetime performance is based on high quality, high performance alloys.


TruBead® soffits are made with a special high performance aluminum alloy ti26. This cured titanium alloy was chosen because of its unique tensile strength properties, reducing expansion and contraction and its resistance to weight ratio. Everything is designed for optimal ventilation.


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