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Proper intake and exhaust ventilation are necessary for your attic. Make sure yours is designed right, then enjoy the comfort, and the money savings. 


Proper ventilation keeps your home cooler in the summer, eliminates harmful moisture in the attic which can cause mold, and extends the life of your shingles. Your heating and cooling costs will go down when you vent properly. 


Understanding and installing good intake, and exhaust ventilation can begin to pay you back immediately. 


We suggest having better than the 1/150 minimum standard in all applications. Make sure your intake soffit ventilation is greater than the exhaust ventilation.


-    Many soffit products have a low NFA, Net Free Area of between 3-5, and many manufacturers, will use other terminology to describe their air flow


-    NFA Net Free Area, is the industry standard for determining attic ventilation.


-    Quality Edge soffits start at 5.9 and go all the way up to 21.5 for very high demand applications, such as buildings where the total soffit area is very low in relationship to the total floor area of the attic space.


-    Quality Edge soffits are all made from aluminum (No Plastic) and you will never need to replace our soffit.


-    (Check out our online catalog for NFA specifications)


Our number one selling Patented TruVent soffit has an NFA of 11, and when used on both sides of your home combines to NFA of 22, which gives great air flow for any home, and has a clean designer look, with hidden vents. 


Patented TruVent, was years in the making, and is the result of a demand for better aesthetics, while maintaining superior function. 


All soffit is not created equal. Q.E manufactures the best in the business.